Trusts and Wills

What does a Trust or Will do for my family?


THINK about it – ACCOMPLISH it – and then achieve PEACE of mind.  Your family will be grateful you did.  Allowing your  family to grieve your passing without financial distractions is a  wonderful gift to them during an extremely difficult time.  We are  experts in estate planning, trusts, power of attorney and other legal entities which can provide representation, avoid probate expense, eliminate settlement hassles and  restrain family disputes. 

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                   Trust or Will Quiz

Trust or Will Quiz

Last Will & Testament Plan

What is a Will and How can it help my family?


  • Appoints a Personal Representative for financial matters     
  • Designates Minor Children Guardianship
  • Informs a court of your wishes 
  • Specifies burial or cremation instructions
  • Reduces family disturbances
  • Provides end of life or disability decision making 
  • A Will DOES NOT avoid Probate

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Living Trust Plan


A Trust Plan has all the benefits of a Will plan but also provide the following:


A properly funded trust will avoid probate or the process of settling an estate in a probate court.   This process can take years to complete and what most people don't know is you DO NOT have to have a large estate to fall into probate. This is one of the best gifts you can give your children.


A Trust  provides the trustee of the trust the ability to manage money for future generations immediately.  The trust sets forth the details and plan of action for the trustee to follow your wishes, maintain or sell assets and distribute the funds.


What will your children do with a large sum of money?  The Trust can set up age based distributions to beneficiaries to help limit spending as they mature.  It also allow trustees to make allocations for education, housing and weddings prior to receiving final distributions.  


When assets are funded in a trust, they do not have ownership with the individual but the trust.   This helps protect from creditors after death because it is as if those assets where not owned by the person who passed.


A revocable trust is a private agreement that is not public record like a probate will.  A trust simply passes powers to the new trustee upon death immediately.

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